A workcamp is a place where people of all races, ideologies, and nationalities live and work together for two to three weeks on a project organized by a local sponsor. Most workcamps occur during the summer months and have between 6 and 20 international participants. They volunteer, they socialize and they work with the local people. They are a multicultural, voluntary workforce. That is a workcamp - and it works!


Workcamps provide an opportunity for individuals to combine their energies and together address problems vital to our shared global future. Whether working at a children's center in Paris, on an environmental project in Colorado, or a skills workshop in Sri Lanka, the volunteers' efforts contribute toward world peacemaking.


Projects fall into three broad categories -physical work, such as building, planting and restoration; social work, often with children or people with handicaps; or work/study, where work and learning opportunities are integrated.


Workcamps attempt to carry out SCI's aims. They promote equality in living. All workcamp members live by local standards. The camps promote internal decision making, problem solving, and develop a sense of group identity. They encourage alternative forms of community life with the objective of increasing tolerance and facilitating the questioning of values. Through workcamps, SCI has managed to incorporate and sustain visionary aims through hard but fulfilling day to day work.