International Volunteer Service Canada

To enable individuals to discover their own strengths and potential through volunteer projects involving Canadian and International participants. Through these projects, the volunteers' exposure to diverse peoples and cultures will introduce them to the possibility of peace through deeds, as well as give them exposure to cultural diversity and the tools for tolerance. The projects are developed in cooperation with local community groups as well as other local, national and international organizations. They aim to foster understanding of people of different social, cultural, political or religious backgrounds by working, learning and living together.

First you have to DREAM.  Second BELIEVE. Third, JUMP into adventure and let your heart and mind lead the way.  Human beings are extremely adaptable to challenge, seeking out the truth through personal motivation and action.  Dream that you have the power to toss the first pebble into the lake, and watch the ripples follow.

Feel like you want to make a difference, but not sure where to start.  A short term 2-3 week international project will definitely get your feet wet and make you hunger for more.  Try one of our SEEDS Iceland projects, one of our top selected locations for amazing and diverse projects.  All it takes is the first step.

We offer hundreds of diverse projects all over the world from sustainable development, natural biospheres and habitats, developmentally challenged adults to build projects with the Navajo Nation.  Take a look at what we have and what speaks to you, then choose to be the power of one and make a difference this year.